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Cambridge in Colour
Cambridge in Colour is an online learning environment where photographers can come to improve their skills.

The Luminous Landscape
The Luminous Landscape, a site devoted to the art of landscape, nature and documentary photography using digital as well as traditional image processing techniques. You will find on these pages instructive feature articles, product reviews, travel and technical discussions, inspiring portfolios, and a Discussion Forum.

We're a spot for positive encouragement and feedback, somewhere to display work, admire work and talk about work. We're into discussion, learning and collaboration and getting lots of people smiling. You'll find groups & challenges on every subject you can think of & a few you haven't.

The Photo Camel
The Photo Camel is a very interactive busy web forum, full of info and tutorials. For anyone interested in HDR (High Dynamic Range Photography) they have a lot of video tutorials for this subject by a very enthusiastic member. These tuts are all free to view and help you. The site has a very big membership and if you post a question you will get answer from someone, people love to share their knowledge. It's free to join and their forums cover a large range of subjects.

Australian Photography
Australian Photography is an interactive forum where you can join for free and ask questions or get critiques on photos you choose to upload, Explore the site and learn. is a photography community that includes forums, reviews, and galleries for members and casual viewers.

HDR Photography
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography: Tutorials, Tips and Stunning Examples.


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